Friday, March 18, 2016

VK4TUX MMDVM Zum Support packages
Pi 2-3 & Odroid C1 images

Based on
For Pi 2 and 3 Ubuntu Mate 15.10
For Odroid C1 and C1+ Ubuntu KDE 14.0 LTS
Full Graphical interface

Full MMDVM package
MMDVMHost and MMDVMCal full support for the ZUM board.

Also includes the DUE firmware loader which automatically downloads the latest DUE MMDVM code
updates the DUE and restarts it for immediate use

A template file system for Brandmeister Server (DMR) or mode selection (DSTAR/C4FM)

Full support for Ircddbgateway and D-Starrepeater programs including
DV4Mini and DVAP

Contact vk4tux with support queries ;

We have significantly upgraded the website bandwidth to enable faster and more downloads
They are here



    FW type meny item added in new images going up today.
    Allows for ext txco FW selection, for the ZUM load procedure, to load DUE FW with ZUM Board.

  2. What happened to the images, can't locate them anywhere.

  3. Hi Dean
    We removed the images and we are no longer willing to collaborate with this individual.
    We have tried to work with on multiple occasions, but each time the experience was increasingly frustrating for us and for the MMDVM end-users also.
    We have very little patience and consideration for prima donnas, regardless their skills and knowledge.
    The first time he had a hissy fit, he decided to remove the images (without our consent) and disappeared. For the greater good, we put that incident behind and we tried to patch things up … It didn’t last long. The second time, he tampered with the images and made them unusable. Unfortunately we don't have time for this kind of juvenile behavior so we severed all ties with him.
    I understand that he does host his images elsewhere, but don't be surprised if he asks you for a "donation" to get access to them. This completely violates the spirit of open source and the Ham community.
    I hope this helps

    1. Thanks for the reply and the detailed information, such a shame really, he made a very nice setup and a lot of thought and hard work went into the work.