Products and Pricing

MMVDM REV 1.0.1 Assembled and tested includes JST-8 Pigtail connector

Rev 1.0.1 includes the following built in
  • 12MHz TCXO
  • Multi-turn pots
  • RSSI Inputs
  • I2C output (to connect LCD)
  • Serial output (to connect LCD)
  • Additional radio sense and control lines to be used for DR1X conversation
  • Protection diodes on all the radio signals
$60.00 + Shipping

Clone Arduino DUE Package
MMDVM REV 1.0.1 + 1 Due loaded with the latest MMDVM code with USB cable and JST-8 Pigtail
$85.00 + Shipping

Clock Modules for the REV1.0 board only (Not needed on the Rev 1.0.1)
Limited quantity available
$18.50 + Shipping

We now use DHL/ Deutsche Post for all worldwide shipments (tracked).
The typical cost to the EU is $13 for one MMDVM and $15 for one Clone Due Package.

For the USA shipments we use USPS (tracked and insured) and the cost is $10 for one MMDVM board and $10 for one Clone Due Package.
Please contact me for larger quantities and different countries.

All prices are in US Dollars and PayPal is the ONLY accepted form of payment.

Due to previous bad experiences (see "The Deadbeat Corner") we will ship your product only after the payment was received (you will receive the invoice via e-mail).