Monday, March 4, 2019

March Update !!...Sneak Preview

Well the lad's have been busy... the first PCB has been done and sent to the PCB shop...
Here is a couple of 3D models of the MMDVM-HS-AMBE Full size Pi Hat...

Yes I know that it has a Male Header on it cause we don't have a 3D Model of the female connector in the library, Guess we have to work on that.

DVSI AMBE3003 on that will make Transcoding on the Pi possible ....

More pictures to follow soon as we get boards back and into assembly...

Sorry No final Price has been set yet !..

As always feel free to contact me

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

2019 Update

January 2019

A quick update ....

Myself and two well know other Hams  have formed a co-operative group
we call it Digital Radio Research Group or D2RG, we want to do things differently moving forward

First product to launch will be
the beginning of a Hotspot family the first will be a full sized MMDVM_HS Raspberry Pi Hat made in North America it will be cost competitive, this will be followed by what we consider the logical extension to Hotspot's.

Second product family will be a range of AMBE3000 Based USB keys from 1 Channel to 6 channels on a single USB key

We will be working with the Ham Community to have local stockists of our product in Europe, North America and Australasia all stockists will be local Ham business that will provide support and our products at fair prices, they will not be large large chain stores or Monopolies.

As we move forward we will be posting more info here

Feel free to contact me at Bruce.Given@D2RG.Com